Friday, 25 June 2010

Read it, read it, read it, read it, I know you want to read it, read it...

Second blog underway, and this is something of an off the cuff, spur of the moment, impromptu blog because of the day that is (and if you haven't figured it out by my poor attempt of a title cover out of the famous song, all will be revealed) Michael Jackson's one year anniversary of passing. Ah yes, you've figured it out now and of course the title above is my very unique cover of Michael Jackson's song, Beat It.
I think on a day like this, you would struggle to find someone in the entire world who wasn't influenced, at one point in their lives, by Michael Jackson's music. Whether it is those who live in metropolitan areas to those in the most remote rural areas, I think there is only a small percentage of the world who doesn't know that name and his music. Also, at one point if you have ever listened to Michael Jackson's music, it is guaranteed that you have, by some supernatural obligation, tried to dance the moonwalk. Even if it was a feeble attempt (much like my own, as I am frequently reminded by home videos, but we'll not go into that one). It goes together hand in hand, like England facing Germany at international football competitions.

I cannot believe a year has already passed since Michael Jackson passed away, and when I look back on the day that the news was announced, I was really quite shocked and slightly emotional (I think at the end of the day, I did shed a solitary man tear) because he had been around for so long, you almost began to believe that he was immortal and that he would just keep making music forever. Most musicians/artists release a single, which is a hit, and then the 1st album comes out which lives up to expectations, and if they are lucky, the second one will also be well received, but after that, the 3rd album (very few get this far) is usually so bad, that by the time its released the musician has already faded into the backdrop and another one hit wonder has come in to replace them. Michael Jackson's career last over many decades, starting form the Jackson Five, with 'I Want You Back' in 1964, and then the launch of his solo career, right up until the day he passes. A career that lasted over 40 years in what is, arguably, one the hardest industries to be successful in, especially over such a long period of time.
I think the reason why Michael Jackson's music was so successful is because it transcended all boundaries, time, race, age, culture, class, education, occupation and so on. And just a quick example to prove this is the video below.
. Performed by inmates at a prison in the Philippines. It speaks for itself really.
Michael's music was for everyone, it inspired the 'humanness' in you, and drew upon just about every emotion in the spectrum of human existence. Now as I write this whilst the sun shines through my window, I contemplate, and conclude that even though the man may have passed away, I think his music will live on forever, and on that note (you see what I did there) I leave with two of my many favourite Michael Jackson songs: Black or White, and Man in the Mirror. Peace.

Wouldn't you just love to be in heaven right now, with God as the DJ/Producer making the most dope music with Michael, and the angels doing some fresh routines, or is this just a case of me and my imagination running wild.

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