Thursday, 20 January 2011

This Life

The buzz, the adrenaline rush, the hectic schedule, the 'I'll fit you into my diary' and 'lets do lunch' at some random coffee house, the pubs, clubs, and bars, the chill out, drink cosmopolitans, cocktails, shots and beers, the staggering out at closing hours and just missing the new acquaintance made between the concrete floor and your face. The lets complain about everything and do nothing about it ethos, the not appreciating what you have until it's gone,and if it never goes, never realising or appreciating how truly lucky your are, the waiting until someone passes away in order to realise how wonderful life truly is but forgetting just as quickly as you were reminded. The I won't treat her right when she's with me, but I'll get angry when she leaves me for someone who will treat her right. The I've been hurt by another man before so I don't trust you, even though it wasn't you who hurt me. The trying so hard to stand out, just so that you'll fit in. Is this what it's all about? This life? It is as if we stumble along our paths and just accept that which we've been given, without question, without ever wondering why, let alone having the will to do something about it. When did we accept this as the norm? When did we lose sight of the beauty of that which is found in the most simplest things? A smile, the warmth of a touch, a conversation with a stranger, laughing with people, the way that children play, and playing as though you were a child, not taking yourself too seriously, doing something new, doing something old, and appreciating them the same, being bold enough to take a chance, even if it doesn't work out, and if it doesn't work out, being bold enough to do it all again. Listening. When did we stop listening, to our hearts, to ourselves, to each other. We were given two ears and one mouth for a reason. Talk less, listen more.
There are so many moments that we let slip by our fingers, simply because we have not truly grasped its magnitude or how life enhancing they could be. So I challenge you, to just say hello to that person who is sat opposite you on your commute, or to go and play on the swings, in your suit, on your way home from work, and if you do not feel, in any shape or form, as if your horizons have been broadened, as if the box that closes you in is slowly eroding, or as if you've drank the elixir of life, then you can return to your box, and make room for one more and I'll join, then we can all stay in our boxes, with no where to go.

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