Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Power To The People

A revolution can be defined as a change in the social order, amongst other things, and so, given the current events in the world, it seems as though there has been a revolutionary awakening, a revival of the collective consciousness, beginning in the African country of Tunisia and spreading quicker than gossip amongst a group of teenagers, onto countries like Yemen, and Egypt. Social, economic and political injustice and corruption are factors that plagues the progression of any nation, particularly the "developing" ones, and often, it has been the influence of "developed" nations that have played significant roles in it. However, regardless of any chess maneouvres that is enacted on the chess board of politics, the power lies in the hand that control the pieces, and ultimately, that hand is formed by the people. There is only so long that the deception of power can go for. A Tunisian newspaper wrote "...nothing can stop the desire of the people for freedom, democracy, and social justice", and that is sentiment is evident in recent events. So put aside all distractions, the latest celebrity gossip, the fashion do's and don'ts, the music charts, latest blockbuster movie, and start to focus on what influences you, the neighbours on your street, your community, your city, your country, your world. Challenge the very things that affect your existence, and the existence of your fellow people. Change must first come from within, for it to be manifested in the without. So whereever you see any type of injustice, be bold and speak out against it, even in the smallest degree, of course, it is alot easier said than done, but every journey has a starting point. So, even if it's at home, amongst friends, at work, or any other occasion, squash the prejudices and misconceptions that pervade people's mind, and be a voice of liberation. A lie takes the elevator, whereas the truth takes the stairs, and we've been mislead for far too long. We're all alot closer connected than we think, particularly now, more so than any other time in the history of the world. Your voice is an incredibly powerful weapon, honour it.

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