Thursday, 23 June 2011

25 Reasons (To Keep On Living)

1. In remembrance of the beautiful sacrifice that mother made, that so much joy could emerge from so much pain.
2. In thought of all those who have passed, praying for another breath whilst they held on to their last.
3. Family, the one that you have now, the ones you will never know and the one that you will have when the time comes.
4. For those who have believed or who do believe in you, and have sacrificed a small part of their lives, just to give to you.
5. For those who give to you.
6. For the person you are about to become, but have not met yet, and you are unsure if you will get there.
7. You will get there.
8. Because you have come so far, regardless of the ups and downs, you have come too long to turn back now.
9. There are those who look up to you, who wish to be where you are now, despite how often you may feel, that you have not made it.
10. Time is precious, as the years pass, the moments become more sacred.
11. If children’s laughter still makes you smile, and it fascinates you to remember that you were once a child.
12. This world belongs to your children; you have to do all you can to make sure you leave it to them in a good condition.
13. For all people everywhere, who hope that your light will shine so that they can shine theirs.
14. For someone who may need you, at any given moment, at any given time, in any given situation, and that person you save may give birth to the saviour of a generation.
15. Because we are all saviours of our generation.
16. Because you’ve still got people to prove right.
17. Because you’ve still got people to prove wrong.
18. And in the end, you’ll realise that it didn’t really matter all along. The silly things that we waste time worrying about, they don’t really matter.
19. Life is beautiful. Stop. Take a moment to look around you, marvel at the beauty that is still unknown, but needs no explanation.
20. For the random moments that life throws at you, leaving you wondering is this fate or destiny, a manifestation of divinity, or is it just another reason to keep on living.
21. Love.
22. Even though you fear that love may never come, remember that it will never come, because it has always been there, by your side, like an illuminated shadow, love is your being. Let it be.
23. In spite of our greatest individual fears, the nightmares that haunt us, at lonely times, in darkened rooms, where shadows loom, there is s still hope.
24. Breath out, hold your breath, for a really long time… And then breathe in. For that feeling. Do not take breathing for granted.
25. As each year passes, another reason to keep on living will be made known. So, keep on living, for all the reasons to keep on living that will come in the future.


  1. You're simply the best! Hope you had a good day JJ! Amazing lines of reflection. Thanks for these reminders. Amir

  2. Thanks Amir. :D. I did have a good day.