Sunday, 4 September 2011


Dreams. A dream is probably the most valuable thing that a person can have, no price can be put on a desire or an aspiration, the need to be a part of something that is greater than yourself. Without dreams, without hopes or aspirations, what else is there really to live for.
Sometimes when I travel, and I happen to pass a cemetery, where many souls have been lain to rest, the first thing that crosses my mind is the number of unfulfilled dreams that people have taken with them to the grave, for one reason or another, because someone didn't believe in them, because it seemed to be out of the norm, or just simply because there wasn't enough time. One of reasons that saddens me most is when people do not pursue a dream because of previous failures in another dream or aspiration that they have had. I can speak on this well, because I've been a victim of this self paralysis, not daring to dream, and hoping that at best, mediocrity will grace my path, whilst others look on none the wiser, not knowing that inside you there is a cataclysm of a star disappearing into a black hole.
Your dreams are sacred, you do not have to share them with anyone, they are yours, the art of conception is often lost on many people, but know that when you have found someone to share your dreams with, that sanctity is the purest of them all. Do not dream for dreaming's sake, or for fame, or wealth, these hollow entities are not recognised by your spirit, the greatest of artists were barely acknowledged in their time. What is fame to a lonely man, even when no one is there, your dreams will always hold you close.
Your dreams stem from a place deep within your heart, and in this place there is a voice, speaking, an eternal mouth, formed from generations of souls wanting to be heard. Listen, and then act on it. Keep it a secret, like a child in the school yard. Tell no one. Until the world is ready to listen. The world will be ready to listen.

Otherwise, the day will come when someone will pass your resting place and use you as an example to remind them, why we must dream.

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