Saturday, 1 October 2011

Black History Month

This is a list of events going on all over London during Black History Month.
(I tried to find the kinds of events that are more orientated to adults, education and learning. Discovering further information and debating challenging, possibly controversial issues)

Feel free to use, and share. I would suggest to always call and confirm before attending an event.

Saturday 1st October
100 Black Men of London : Being  A Black Man in 21st Century London
11:00am - 17:00pm.

African hair styling and braiding, fashion and music with Gifty. Come along and experience the sights and sounds of vibrant Africa.
Hackney Central Library, Hackney Technology and Learning Centre, 1 Reading Lane, E8 1GQ
1 - 4pm
0208 356 3000 (ask for Hackney Central Library)
Free Admission, no booking required

The British Museum: The Ancient Egyptians and History.
13.15pm Room 4: A gallery talk by Carol Andrews.

 Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd October
Meet Dr Afrika and Dr Stevenson @ Black History Live, Wembley Stadium on 1st and 2nd October.Seminars, Workshops, Consultations, Book signings and many more. For further information call 020 7254 9632.

Tuesday 4th October

What do we look like?
The portrayal of Black communities in the media with Joy Francis
Hommerton Library
6.00pm - 7.00pm

Africans In Asia
Cliff Pereira

Study of the African Diaspora is now a dynamic field in the development of new methods and approaches to African history. Unlike the transatlantic diaspora, eastwards African migrants have received little attention. Born in Mombasa, Kenya in 1960 a third generation Kenyan Goan, Cliff came to Britain in 1971. He is an author and authority on the Bombay Africans and Goan diaspora. Cliff is chair of the Black and Asian Studies Association.
Tooting Library Free
Booking essential (020) 8871 7175

Wednesday 5th October

African Cultural Memory in the Caribbean

Dr Morgan Dalphinis will examine African cultural memory in the Caribbean and amongst the Caribbean Diaspora in England, through an examination of African continuities in Caribbean Creole Languages and use of European languages, as well as in Caribbean oral literature and writing.
Hackney Central Library, Hackney Technology and Learning Centre, 1 Reading Lane, E8 1GQ
6.15 – 7.45pm
0208 356 3000 (ask for Hackney Central Library)
Free Admission, no booking required

Martin Luther King Jnr - Richard Reddie
Date: Wednesday 5 October
Venue: South Lambeth Library
Time: 7pm

Martin Luther King's public life lasted only 13 years - yet in that time he changed the USA's attitude to civil rights forever. Richard Reddie, in his new book, provides a lively, highly informative, thought-provoking reappraisal of this famous man, showing how King was not a 'moderate' but a radical individual whose ideas on peace, poverty, social justice and equality were well ahead of his time and still relevant today.

Richard Reddie was Project Director for the Churches Together, Education Policy Officer for Race on the Agenda
and author of Black Muslims in Britain.

Thursday 6th October 
Venue: Brixton Library
Time: 7pm

What distractions does your child have in their bedroom? A television? A stereo? A games console? A mobile phone? Is this the same room where you expect them to do homework?

Neil Mayers is a former Head of GCSE Maths, Head of Inclusion and Head of Year. He has helped entire classes pass GCSE maths as early as Year 8. He is the author of Gifted At Primary, Failing By Secondary: a manual to help parents support their children through school.

Neil will be delivering a free workshop and Q&A session based on his book, at Brixton Library – all welcome.

Film event:

For Coloured Girls
A film directed by Tyler Perry (Cert 15). A poetic exploration of what it is to be of colour and a female in this world.
7pm Wood Green Library

Saturday 8th October 2011
Culture Fest
Robin Walkers presents "The Egyptian Book of The Dead"
Included will be music, poetry, performances, therapies, campaigns, stalls and more.
Oakington Manor Primary School, Wembley, Oakington Manor Drive, Webley HA96NF.
12pm - 10pm.
Admission: £10 for adults. (students £7)
£5 for  young people 13-16.

The Dark Sea Scrolls: Spoken Word Legacy
@ Babalou Bar. Brixton 8pm.

Tuesday 11th October 7pm
To Kill a Mocking Bird
Directed by Robert Mulligan (Cert 12).  Atticus Finch is a lawyer in a racially divided Alabama town in the 1930s who agrees to defend a young black man accused of raping a white woman.
Alexandra Park

Film: Malcolm X In His own Words 
Arguably the best film available on Malcolm X, who paved the way for the dynamic Black Power movement of the 1970s and 80s. This film, using documentary footage, takes us through the incredible journey from his firebrand oration and political maturity up to his assassination. 
Goldsmiths College, Students Union, Dixon Road, New Cross SE14 6NW 
Contact Goldsmiths Student Union 020 8692 1406

Thursday 13th October 

Film event:
Brazil, An Inconvenient History
Directed by Phil Grabsky (Cert exempt). This film considers the estimated 4 million people with whose blood, sweat and tears Brazil was built.
Marcus Garvey Library

Friday 14th October 7pm - 8pm

Transcending the Legacies of Slavery: A Psychoanalytic View
Barbara Fletchman Smith explores the circularity of the trauma of slavery and how even today black people, and black men in particular, struggle with its after effects through successive generations.
7pm - 8pm
Marcus Garvey Library

Wednesday 19th October

African Continuities in Jamaican Culture .13.15pm. Room 25.
A gallery talk by H Patten
British History Museum.


Friday 21st October
Mixed Messages at Mekan Black History Special.
Spoken Word Event. Featuring Poet El Crisis, Raymond Antrobus, and JJ Bola.


Saturday 22nd October
special film screening of "My Nappy Roots" with a Q & A discussion with the director Regina Kimble.

"My Nappy Roots"

Q & A discussion with the director: Regina Kimble, Social forum founder Pelumi Rae - Care For Your Hair, Natasha Dennis - Consultant Trichologist and Crystal Afro - Blogger of United Kinkdom

Pay at the door: £10

Thursday 27th October

Fashion’s Best Kept Secret - Black people, culture and the fashion industry 
Adult/Young People Event (15 years+)

Whenever fashion is discussed, the views featured - whether about textiles, couture, stylists and designers - are very rarely from Black experts. Yet the influence of Black cultures and history is never far away from the catwalk or the latest trends such as ‘street wear’, ‘ethnic prints’ or ‘tribal styles’. The ideas and style references used are often recycled from Black Britain, the African continent and the Commonwealth. So why is the Black presence still fashion’s best kept secret? To discuss these important themes, Words of Colour Productions Executive Director Joy Francis will chair a debate with an exciting panel including Brenda Emmanus (TBC), Arts, Culture and Entertainment Correspondent for BBC London News, Zoe Whitley, Curator of Contemporary Programmes, Victoria and Albert Museum and 30-year fashion veteran Sharon Franklin who runs her own bespoke fashion company Henrietta Franklin. Please book in advance by contacting CLR James library.
Dalston CLR James Library, 1 - 7 Beechwood Road, E8 3DG
6.15 - 7.45pm
0208 356 3000 (ask for CLR James Library)
Free Admission, please book by contacting CLR James Library

Friday 28th October

Family Event
Open Mic/Poetry Slam

Word play! An ancient art - come along and drop rhymes or poetry, it’s all good. Express your roots ‘n’ culture, creativity and style.
Hackney Central Library, Hackney Technology and Learning Centre, 1 Reading Lane, E8 1GQ
6.30 – 8pm  
0208 356 3000 (ask for Hackney Central Library)
Free Admission, no booking required

Saturday 29th October

South Side of Nelsons Column Trafalger Square.
March Against Deaths in Police Custody

The Role of Financial Services in Africa's Economy


Thursday 3rd November 

Adult Event
Contemporary African Issues: A Cultural Perspective by Zagba Oyortey
An insightful discussion on issues affecting Africa today focusing on Ghana and the current political climate, culture and finance.
Hackney Museum, Ground Floor, Technology and Learning Centre,1 Reading Lane, E8 1GQ
6 - 7.30pm
0208 356 3000 (ask for Hackney Museum)
Free Admission, booking required. Please email hmuseum@hackney.gov.uk or call 020 8356 2509.

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