Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Daughter Of The Sun ( A Poem)

A summer's day at night
The beautifully synchronised dance
Of two butterflies
In flight
Carried by the breeze 
Unto a flower
The song of the early bird
The wave of a river
Eleventh hour
Life giver
Come nearer
And breathe into me
Lungs polluted
Soul commuted
In search 
Across the seas
And returned
Only to find you here
I burned
Candle-tip tongue
Speaking too long
Of a flame that came once 
And was gone
Come nearer
Speaker of truth
Realising that I had never loved
Before I met you
In seek of proof of divine
I close my eyes only to see your visage outlined
                                                   Teacher of deities

 I and I is now we
Come nearer
Speak to me
Let sacred lips part like Red Sea
Revealing true path away from old torture
Daughter Of The Sun
Blades of grass worship you
Moonlight cascades onto your skin
Glow firefly
Darkness yielding
Stretched wings
Across horizons
Cities whisper your name
With buildings as tall as dreams
A thousand stories
For a new generation 
With hope
Let old fears go
Come nearer
Eyes soft as touch
Hair flows timeless
Smile trapped in fairy tales
Skin like history
The heavens is your height
Unravel your mystery
And come nearer to me 

(c) JJ Bola

* I do not claim ownership of image. No copyright infringement intended*
I saw this picture and was inspired to add some words to it. 


  1. Nice Poem JJ Bola. We want to you same kind anather poem.We are wait for your poem.

  2. so beautiful, uplifting and inspiring. Miss Lela :D