Thursday, 10 November 2011

Random Thoughts (I)

I never really write about myself, anything that transcends into the personal is often cast aside for fear of being exposed to the world, that I may actually have emotion. Safer has it always been, for me to share all with the night knowing full well that when the morning arrives all will be gone, however, there is a burden that this frame cannot bare itself, the heart has gotten heavy and it feels like this internal struggle will spill over into days that are yet to be. We're living in uncertain times, where deceptions and lies seem to be the standard across all levels. So many distractions, we're constantly conditioned to look away from ourselves, through religion, politics, education and so on, so it is no wonder that nowadays, few ever find themselves, let alone create themselves, or grow into the ideal person that they are meant to be. Constantly taught to pursue a superficial ideal, a futile fleeting cause that will still leave you feeling inadequate at the end of its pursuit. What have you really done today?
I took life, placed it under the photocopier, made one copy and then placed it in the archives of days forgotten. The sad thing is, for some, today would have been their last. Some would have taken that piece of paper, and instead of copying it, they would take crayons and pencils, and coloured life in beautiful, giving birth to their imagination, and then framed it and left it for all to see, inspiring others along the way. We share not to boast, we share not for narcissistic compensation, or self congratulation, we share to inspire, we share to give hope, to fill peace into hearts tormented by decay. It is the natural order of the universe.
Do not archive the days of your life, one after the next, instead share. I'm going to find some crayons and pencils for tomorrow.


  1. “With every experience, you alone are painting your own canvas, thought by thought, choice by choice.” ~ One♥