Friday, 3 February 2012

Burkina Faso - Conversation With A Taxi Driver - Part III

Conversation With A Taxi Driver –
“I know where it is, I can take you there. Whatever day you want to go, just give me a call”

“Do people still visit it?”

“Yes. You know, it’s funny, people only know the value of things after they are gone. They only appreciate the life and works of someone after they have died”

“That’s true, you don’t know whether to laugh or cry, it is quiet sad though”

“His father is still alive; do you know where his house is?”

“No, I don’t, but yes, that’s right, his father is still alive”

“It is sad to have outlived your father; do people still talk about him much?”

“Yes but now all they say is bad things, if you say anything positive about him, it is as if you are going against the government, it is as if you are directly criticising those who are currently in power”

“So is he not taught about in schools? Do the youth not know the history about him?”

“The youth? No! They do not know about him, he is not spoken about in schools; he is not spoken about anywhere. Only in closed circuits, with people you know you can trust”.

“I was surprised that the youth did not know about him. On the day that I came into the country, I was at the airport and began speaking to a few young people; they must have been about 19/20. We were talking and I asked them if they knew who he was. They all said no, apart from one, who said he had heard of him, but couldn’t say much else apart from that. So I showed them pictures, on my laptop, they were surprised that their country had a leader who was progressive and actually did things for the people, but I was shocked that they did not know about him, I mean even I knew his story, and I’m not even from here. I could tell you things as if I had grown up in that time”

“That’s right, but you were interested, and that’s the problem with the youth to day, they are not interested, they do not care. I grew up in that time, and back then, everybody knew the national anthem. And now? Go and ask a youth to sing the national anthem, you’ll be lucky if you find one who knows it. When there was a something to be done in the community, everybody got involved. When you saw an elder, you spoke to them with respect. Nowadays, you can’t say anything to the youth… there is a big problem, a big problem. You know, the other day, a minister was found with $2 million cash in his house. $2 million! If that much was found in his house, how much do you think he has in his bank account?”

“I know, I heard that story”

“But what is he doing with that kind of money? If you saw how much money this government wastes, it will make you sick, and all the while, the people are suffering, the prices for everything have gone up. It was never like this. We have a serious problem, not just here but it is present all over Africa, the leaders now, squander money that should be used to help the people. You see them driving around in fancy foreign cars; Mercedes, BMWs, and so on, living in big luxury houses, whilst the people are suffering, what kind of leadership is this?”

“It’s not like how it used to be”

“It’s not; we need real leaders, who work for the people, like when Sankara was in charge… too many people are caught on greed and corruption, as if they will take their material possessions with them when they die. Who will bury their riches with them in the grave? ”

“There will come a time when things change”

“But until then…”

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