Friday, 24 February 2012

Burkina Faso - In Pictures - Part VI

These are only a few of the pictures that I have taken, capturing my experience here in Burkina Faso. They are only as many as the internet connection could allow, so even getting this much up was a struggle. Next week, I plan to go into a bit more detail about the work that I am involved in here.
Some youth at the local market.

A place of residence, near the local market.

Some young people from the neighbourhood.

Me, chilling with the young people from the neighbourhood. *throws up a peace sign*

Ouaga 2000. A very expensive, posh, upperclass hotel. It was actually funded by Colonel Gaddafi, who, reportedly, used to stay there often. Think of that what you will.

Inside the presidential conference centre. You'll notice a particular picture hanging up at the front. If you read my previous blog, this is where the conference on education in Africa happened, which was attended by 19 African presidents.

Me, in front of the coat of arms of Burkina Faso, inside the presidential conference centre. "Unity, Progress, Justice". This is the dream, the reality... draw your own conclusions.  

This is at the top of a monument, near the Presidential Headquarters, that was erected in memory of all the political martyrs that have been killed or assassinated in Burkina Faso. It has virtually been abandoned.

The Presidential Palace. Taking this picture took some negotiating, so be grateful. We were stopped by the army - who were armed - when we approached with our vehicles, and I, with another local Burkinabe, had to talk us out of a very awkward situation. They were okay though.

Scrap metal yard at a local market. Children who cannot afford school, will usually come here and other places like this, to sell the scrap metal they collect.

Metal work of a mother braiding her child's hair. Interestingly enough, a lot of the young girl's/children have natural, afrocentric hairstyle, i.e., braids, natural, beads etc, however, when they grow older, this changes. Even the pressure of the media, and the western view of beauty is influential here.

Me, courtside seats at wheel chair basketball match. A community exhibition game hosted by Handicap Solidaire Burkina, who is the brother organisation of the grassroots organisation I am working with called "Tigoung Nonma" (strength through unity).
Good sportswoman and sportsman ship. Everyone is a winner. These two were great to watch. The woman had a really good jump shot.
Man of the match, running the point.
Fast break.

Shooting the 3. Bank shot from way down town.


  1. Lovely J, thanks a lot man

  2. We need pictures like this from the continent of Africa so those who cannot travel there for whatever reason, can see the other side of what they publish in the media.