Thursday, 26 April 2012

Africa's Time

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It would be ignorant to deny that the development of African states had been regressed and arrested as a result of historical factors, namely slavery – transatlantic and transaharan, which is not spoken about as much – and colonialism, and even to this day, neo-colonialism, of which very few people are aware, yet the effects of its oppression are evident. If the hierarchical divisions and imbalances of the global economic structure isn’t evidence enough, then perhaps the shocking images shown on humanitarian adverts will convince you or better you, experience it first hand.
Books can only teach you but so much. If you are lucky and blessed with a vivid imagination, you may be able to transport yourself to a scenario that vaguely resembles the reality; however, it will still pale in comparison. Nothing can prepare you for the reality; nothing can prepare you for the shock, the bitter painstaking heartache you feel when you realise that now humanity is about as humane as a rabid wolves feasting on defenceless sheep. That is the mentality that is being conditioned into the minds of human beings around the world, everyone for themselves, get yours first, in order to succeed you have step somebody else’s toes. The collective nature of human beings is disintegrating by the day, and it is uncertain whether we will be able to return to the true nature of the collective, i.e., putting the ‘we’ before ‘me’.
Africa has taught me a lot and it has also reinforced the values that had been instilled in me by my family from a young age, that no one is an island. There is a lot of ‘born alone, die alone’ talk, the latter to which may be, but the former is false. You were not born alone, ask the woman who brought you in to this world. And you will definitely not survive in this world alone. There is nothing greater, to overcome challenges and problems that we face, than the collective unity of a people. As the African proverb says, ‘if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together’, this a truth that we must recognise and apply to our lives. It is not enough to know, we must also apply, it is not enough to think, we must also do.
‘Africa time’ was a myth perpetuated to further hinder the development of Africa, which states that Africa operates on a time slower than the rest of the world. This is not something that I have witnessed during my time on the continent, as in most cases, people are already to work at the crack of dawn, especially in Burkina Faso. So I contend, it isn’t Africa time, it is Africa’s time. Slowly but surely, the time will come when Africa will rise once again, like Andromeda, and find her place shining brightly amongst the stars. The only question is, where will you be when this happens, and what would you have done to have helped make it happen?
There are 3 kinds of people in this world. First there are those who sit around waiting for things to happen and criticise it when it does, the second are those who sit around and then jump on the band wagon when it happens, and the last are those who makes things happen. You have to decide which one you are.
The world is slowly starting to wake up, and only with its eyes wide open, will we see where we need to go.
Let Us Build For A Brighter Tomorrow, Today.

"I Am Because We Are...Community...Com(mon)unity"

"The Future"

"To Each One, Teach One"

 "Your Route To Your Roots"

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